April 1, 2023


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Applied Aeronautics Releases New Microhard Carrier Board

Michrohard CarrierMichrohard Carrier

Applied Aeronautics has announced the release of a new platform agnostic carrier board for Microhard pmddl and pddl modems, the first product in a new line of robust, affordable Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) components that the company plans to release in Q1 and Q2 of 2023. 

The Applied Aeronautics board can be used both ground and airside, features built-in ethernet, serial and USB C ports, active cooling, and the ability to easily swap modules via an onboard socket, giving end users maximum flexibility. 

“Covid-19 uncovered huge supply chain inadequacies that left many of us in the drone space, scrambling for components,” said Meg Annand, COO. “We’ve always thought that if it doesn’t exist or is too expensive, why not take a crack at designing and manufacturing it ourselves? This particular product, as well as subsequent releases, will, in our view, provide necessary choice to customers and OEMs alike.” 


  • Compatible with most Microhard pmddl and pddl datalinks 
  • Built in ethernet, serial and USB C ports
  • Active cooling (fan) is built into the device 
  • Ability to swap out the micro hard module via an onboard socket – no more soldering
  • Wide voltage range 
  • Small form factor 
  • Frequencies: 900 mhz, 1800 mhz, 2350 mhz, 2450 mhz, 2550 mhz 
  • Weight: 30 grams