February 1, 2023


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Fixed Wing Mapping Drone Now Available with Gimballed EOIR Camera

Event38 E400 VTOLEvent38 E400 VTOL

Event 38 Unmanned Systems’ latest fixed-wing mapping drone, the E400, is now available with a gimballed EO/IR camera from NextVision, designed to capture high-quality visual and thermal imagery and video that can be streamed directly to a ground station.

According to Event 38, combining an EO/IR camera with its E400 platform creates a powerful tool for search-and-rescue, emergency management, and disaster response scenarios, including swift water rescue. 

The E400 is a military-grade drone with a carbon fiber frame, rather than foam, and is durable enough for rugged field applications. Additionally, the E400 has very long endurance and does not require frequent intermissions for charging, and, as a result, the E400 can cover much more acreage in a single flight. 

This new integration is also ideal for surveillance and security applications. The E400 is fully electric and very quiet, meaning it can fly low without detection.

“At Event 38, we’re always looking for ways to make drone technology accessible to industries and sectors that can really benefit from it, which is why we’re so thrilled to be integrating NextVision cameras with the E400,” said Jeff Taylor, founder & CEO of Event 38. “The E400 is extremely user-friendly; you don’t need a background in aeronautics to use it. This means that any public safety team—whether that’s the police, the sheriff, border control, search and rescue, emergency management, or disaster response—can add aerial surveillance to their capabilities without having to hire an additional operator.”

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