November 28, 2023


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Urban Low Altitude Transport Association: ULTRA on Dawn of Drones this Week!

Don’t miss Urban Low Altitude Transport Association: ULTRA on Dawn of Drones, Wednesday May 25 at 11:00 AM EST.  Stream below:

Tune in for ULTRA on Dawn of Drone this week, as we continue AAM and Vertical Flight Month (sponsor: Quantum-Systems Inc.)! Join Dawn with the “Guys from Jersey” Ray Adams and Ron Leach, Co-Founders and Leaders of the Urban Low Altitude Transport Association (ULTRA), a business league that promotes the aviation and infrastructure interests of companies, operating and supporting aeronautical vehicles. The 3 will discuss ULTRA’s past, current and future efforts to attain wider recognition of the importance of AAM and Vertical Flight to the nation – including their work to help enable a robust UAS research and development activity in Cape May, NJ and at the National Aerospace Research and Technology Park (NARTP) at the Atlantic City Airport.

Ron and Ray are appearing as part of the Volatus Aerospace Corp. Above & Beyond Series. Volatus is a leading provider of integrated drone solutions throughout Canada, the United States, and Latin America. Operating a vast pilot network, Volatus serves commercial and defense markets with imaging and inspection, security and surveillance, equipment sales and support, training, designing, manufacturing, and R&D. Through its subsidiary Volatus Aviation, Volatus carries on the business of aircraft management, charter sales, and cargo services using piloted, remotely piloted, and autonomous aircraft.

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