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Affordable Mapping Revolution: AerologixMaps Empowers Drone Businesses

AerologixMaps affordable mapping softwareAerologixMaps: Affordable, Scalable Mapping Software

In the rapidly evolving world of drone technology, a new mapping solution is filling a gap in the market for small and medium size drone businesses. AerologixMaps, developed by Australian drone industry pioneer Aerologix, is transforming drone footage into high-resolution maps with unprecedented affordability.

With FortuneInsights predicting that worldwide demand for drone services will reach more than $189 billion USD by 2030, the groundswell of new providers entering the market is looking for ecosystem tools that can grow with them.  Aerologix, well known in the industry for providing drone services through their extensive network of pilots, understands the needs of those service providers who want to offer quality mapping products to their clients – despite the limited resources and staffing constraints common to all new businesses.  Larger in-house operations are also looking for a way to get started with a drone mapping program that can grow organically, without requiring a large capital outlay.

Affordable Photogrammetry Now Accessible

AerologixMaps harnesses the power of cost-effective photogrammetry to convert drone footage into high-resolution maps. The platform provides robust data output and automated processing, enabling the generation of Orthomosaics, DTMs, DSMs, point clouds, and more with remarkable precision and speed.

Co-founder Tom Caska says AerologixMaps was developed with affordability in mind.  “We recognized that there was a huge gap in the market for affordable photogrammetry and mapping. Many of the other products in the marketplace offer amazing features and of functionality but come with a chunky price tag. We wanted to create an affordable and reliable platform that produces quality maps but doesn’t break the bank. “

Aerologix keeps adding new functionality – with the recent addition of a robust 3D feature set, and no change in price, the product keeps getting more cost-effective.

Scalable Infrastructure for Unbounded Growth

AerologixMaps is built for scalability – allowing service providers of any size to start where they are at a price they can afford, and stay with the product as they grow.

Constructed on a scalable cloud infrastructure, Aerologix Maps can adapt to user demands, regardless of site volume or capture frequency. It paves the way for limitless growth, catering to both seasoned professionals and newcomers in the drone mapping landscape.

“Some of the most valuable feedback we have received is that our cloud-based software allows people to decrease initial investment on powerful and expensive computers,” Caska points out.  “If you choose to work with offline software, you must have a powerful computer to have effective processing: if you don’t, you could be facing a lot crashes and stress, because many can´t handle drone imagery processing.”

“In our cloud-based infrastructure we can even build a specific account where you have more than one cloud computer to deal with simultaneous processing. In offline software, you’d need an expensive computer for every license.”

Informed by Extensive Industry Experience

AerologixMaps is more than just a mapping solution; it’s a testament to Aerologix’s deep understanding of the drone ecosystem. As the mission control for drones, Aerologix has developed an advanced solution that connects drone pilots with clients in need of aerial imagery and data. This unique positioning has provided invaluable insights, shaping AerologixMaps to cater to the specific needs of drone pilots and their clients.  The software is designed to be easy and effective as well as affordable.

“Most of our clients don’t want to set countless parameters for processing and spend too much time on it, they need something easy and fast so they can use their time flying or looking for new clients and new projects,” says Caska. “About 80% of our subscribers are small to medium size businesses seeking for new clients and working on 1 or 2 projects per month tops. Their finance structure is sensitive, and they don’t want to invest a ton of money in computers, hardlock licenses and training.”

Aerologix has been able to work with clients to provide not only the software that they need, but the improved workflows to help them grow.  For large companies operating a fleet of aircraft, offline software that processes on site has been an internal compliance requirement.  Aerologix’s scalable platform and online license has helped companies speed up processing and avoid heavy liabilities for servers and computer infrastructure.

“Also, they don’t need to pay for complex and expensive training for each employee they have as Aerologixmaps is easy to use,” Caska points out, “and AerologixMaps also allows project sharing, which is awesome for the manager who normally is not on site. Remote teams are able to see all files online, and can access the account from anywhere with their logins and passwords.”

Asked what the future holds, Caska says he sees a clear pathway to future developments, as the drone ecosystem tools available continue to evolve.  “As sensors and hardware rapidly improve, so will mapping software. Ai and Ml will play a pivotal role in the auto-classification of objects and in producing reports.  At the same time, processing speeds and 3D visualizations are improving.

Our software engineers love a good challenge and are always coming up with new ways to make the product even better. We have a solid product pipeline, including the release of 3D visualization and more useful, easy-to-use features.

We are in a unique position as we also have a drone pilot network of over 35,000 on our platform… This allows us to get instant feedback and improve the product. Our tech pipeline is solid, and we look forward to working with the drone pilot community and customer base to bring them what they need.”

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