May 27, 2024


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BRINC Introduces LiveOps: A New Platform for Enhancing Drone Operations in Public Safety

Streamlining Drone Operations: BRINC’s LiveOps Enhances Public Safety Operations

BRINC has unveiled its latest software platform, LiveOps, aimed at improving the management of drone operations for first responders. This platform brings together live streaming, two-way communications, fleet management, and evidence handling in a unified system that can be accessed from any modern browser.

As per a company press release, LiveOps is designed to support emergency response teams, including crisis negotiation teams, SWAT units, patrol officers, search and rescue teams, and command staff in their operations. The platform facilitates a more coordinated approach to drone management, with the goal of improving efficiency and effectiveness in public safety scenarios.

“LiveOps provides access to the features of BRINC hardware products through one platform, enhancing situational awareness, evidence management, and operational efficiency for public safety teams,” said Blake Resnick, Founder and CEO of BRINC. He noted the platform’s contribution to supporting the mission of first responders.

One key functionality of LiveOps is the ability to stream video directly from BRINC devices, such as the LEMUR 2 drone and BRINC Ball, enabling team members to customize their video feeds for decision-making. Additionally, the platform allows for the manipulation of LiDAR data from drones, offering the ability to create dynamic 3D and 2D maps for situational analysis.

The platform also supports two-way communications with external cell phones or BRINC devices, facilitating communication for de-escalation efforts and crisis negotiation. This includes features for placing and recording calls, accessing live transcriptions, and keeping ground personnel informed through internal messaging and live video feeds.

LiveOps includes the BRINC Vault for data management, serving as a repository for flight logs and evidence. The system ensures the security and admissibility of records with CJIS-compliant logs, which is important for mission debriefing and legal proceedings.

Don Redmond, VP of Advanced Public Safety Projects at BRINC, mentioned that LiveOps integrates hardware features into one platform, simplifying the management of diverse technologies and devices for public safety agencies. This allows for a focus on expanding drone operations.

The platform is secure, adhering to CJIS standards and encrypting data to protect mission information. It is designed to support the growth of an agency’s drone program, providing tools for team and fleet management, hardware tracking, and access to BRINC support resources.

With the introduction of LiveOps, BRINC is expanding their fleet of tools for first responders, continuing to streamline and simplify their use.

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