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Converting COS Drones to Autonomous Inspection Drones: Nearthlab Brings Plug and Play Solution to Latin America

Nearthlab, Nearthwind autonomous inspection droneNearthlab, Nearthwind autonomous inspection droneNearthlab Brings Innovative Plug-and-Play Solution to Latin America

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Autonomous drone solutions provider Nearthlab has announced its completion of rounds of inspections in Latin America led by the award-winning NearthWIND Mobile, a plug-and-play solution converting store-bought products into smart device-tethered autonomous inspection drones.

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This marks the first instance in which standard commercial drones were deployed to complete full-scale inspections within the region.

The drones were deployed to inspect wind farms plagued by accessibility issues and operational hazards. Even in unfavorable conditions, NearthWIND Mobile proved its capabilities, conducting a survey of a 200-foot rotor blade in a span of five minutes.

“Making a dry run in the land of extremes felt like a tall order, to say the least,” said Nearthlab co-founder and CEO Jay Choi. “But now that NearthWIND Mobile is gaining traction as a tried-and-true solution among operators who had long been putting up with the strictest of customs and drone regulations, the prospect of NearthWIND Mobile becoming the new black of wind O&M seems brighter than ever.”

In order to remain competitive with the rapid growth of renewable energy, it is necessary for wind farms to leverage the power of ultra-portable drone solutions to enable impromptu inspections. NearthWIND Mobile seeks to assist operators in carrying out unplanned checkups without financial and scheduling constraints of navigating the logistical complications surrounding the use of industrial-grade UAVs.

Active in Europe and North America, NearthWIND Mobile is preparing for the large-scale expansion of its global footprint in the coming year.

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