July 12, 2024


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Cybersecure Mesh Networking for Drones Robotics

Mesh Networking for Drones & RoboticsMesh Networking for Drones & Robotics

Mobilicom’s family of MCU Mobile Communication Units deliver ad-hoc direct wireless mobile communication without the need for any infrastructure. The Cybersecure Software Defined Radios support Mobile MESH and IP communication and incorporate Mobilicom’s unique, multi-tier ICE Cybersecurity Solution. This 3600 multi-faceted suite, which comprises Immunity, Cybersecurity and Encryption, protects the platform by safeguarding communication channels and encrypting the transmitted data.

MCU-30 – with low power consumption this lightweight unit is especially designed for installation as an ADT (Aerial Data Terminal) and GDT (Ground Data Terminal) for drones and robotics. Featuring robust N-LOS (non-line-of-sight) Mesh operation plus broadcast, multicast, and unicast transmission modes, the MCU-30 Lite has been designed to meet Aerial Data Terminal (ADT) requirements, whilst the MCU-30 ruggedized version meets Ground Data Terminal (GDT) requirements.

For harsh environments the extended ruggedized MCU-30 provides additional protection against shocks, vibration, dust, humidity, rain and extreme temperatures, making it ideal for robots and UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles).

The MCU-30 family was designed to cover up to 15Km with Omni antennas and can achieve longer range by using directional antennas.

MCU-200 Ad-hoc wireless communicationMCU-200 Ad-hoc wireless communication

MCU-200 – With a ruggedized casing the MCU-200 unit is rain proof and can withstand the harshest environments and conditions.

The extended ruggedized MCU-20 is IP67 compliant and designed for large-scale Ground Data Terminals (GDT) in mobile networks of UAVs and for UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles).

Ideal for large-scale mobile network communications the MCU-200 is designed to operate as a GDT for networks of tens kilometres (by using different antennas types).

Mobilicom MCU-30 & MCU-200 Highlights:

  • Cybersecure Bi-directional, configurable software
  • Defined radio (SDR) Data Link
  • ICE (Immunity, Cybersecurity, Encryption) suite
  • MIMO Advanced Antenna Processing
  • Mobile MESH
  • Fully synchronized system (GPS or w/o GPS)
  • Real-Time GPS
  • Wide Frequency Range – 75 MHz to 5.9 GHz
  • NDAA compliant