March 3, 2024


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OneSky NASA Advanced Air Mobility National Campaign


OneSky NASAGlobal UTM provider OneSky chosen by NASA to provide its Airspace Management Services as part of the National Campaign (NC-1) program, with a global consortium that includes Global Flight Partners, Infrastructure System Partners, Infrastructure Services Partners.

OneSky will join NASA’s Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) National Campaign working with AAM partners Wisk Aero, the Urban Air Mobility Division of Hyundai Motor Group, and takeoff and landing infrastructure company Skyports. “The AAM National Campaign will bring together thought leaders from around the world to gather research which will enable a safe, secure, and effective advanced air mobility system in the U.S,” says a OneSky press release.

The National Campaign includes advanced air mobility (AAM) vehicle providers; AAM infrastructure companies who will provide services, hardware, and software; and airspace services companies like OneSky who can perform complex airspace simulations, operations and traffic management services that will allow stakeholders to evaluate a wide variety of advanced air transportation applications. These detailed tests are a critical precursor to allowing operational airborne tests carrying people and will help regulators and technology providers establish a framework for AAM traffic management systems.

OneSky will incorporate the operational capabilities of the Hyundai and Wisk vehicles along with the Skyports infrastructure take off and landing features into their unique simulation environment, allowing them to test a wide variety of AAM scenarios.  OneSky, previously part of analytical services company AGI, brings significant experience in complex flight planning, testing and operations for the aerospace industry.

“Our experience and understanding of systems of systems and how to deal with issues like infrastructure availability and airspace capacity are what we bring to the National Campaign,” Kucera explains.  “We know how to model complex tasks that are based on physics: understanding the vehicle, the vehicle propagation, the environmental impact of a flight, and the mission objectives.”

The National Campaign will include simulation and testing for four different scenarios with the NC-1 partner efforts running through late 2022. Ultimately, it will help move AAM and urban air mobility forward – and will also help to inform the development of scalable air traffic management systems for commercial unmanned systems.

“We’re proud to have been selected to participate in the National Campaign and we’re excited to work with NASA and our partners to help accelerate development of this new industry,” Kucera says.

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