July 12, 2024


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Revolutionizing Non-Destructive Testing with Drones: Flyability Teases Groundbreaking New Product

NDT drones Flyability new product user conferenceFlyability to Unveil Groundbreaking Product at 2024 User Conference

Flyability, the industry leader in confined-space drones, has announced the launch of a new product at their 2024 User Conference on March 6th. The event will be broadcast live and covered by Flyability’s media partner, the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (CICES).

The new product, a payload designed for the Elios 3 drone, is set to revolutionize non-destructive testing (NDT). The Elios 3, known for its robustness and collision resistance, is the perfect vehicle for this innovative payload. The new product is expected to enhance safety and data access in the NDT field.

The product launch will include a panel discussion featuring beta testers and product advisers, providing insights into how the new payload will transform NDT inspections. Attendees at the User Conference will have the opportunity to engage with the Flyability team directly, while those unable to attend can tune into the livestream to catch the announcement in real-time.

Flyability’s CEO and co-founder, Patrick Thévoz, expressed his excitement about the upcoming event: “Our User Conference is an exciting opportunity to share our latest product announcement with Elios users from around the world. We have the broadcast available for those that can’t join us in the room, but we can’t wait for the atmosphere of the overall User Conference and sharing ideas together.”

The partnership with CICES will ensure comprehensive coverage of the User Conference, including the major announcement on March 6th. This new product launch marks Flyability’s first for 2024 and is anticipated to bring significant changes to NDT inspections across various industries.

Registration for the broadcast event is now open, with limited slots available for the User Conference.

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