May 28, 2024


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Terra Drone Corporation Expands into U.S. Market through Strategic Investment in Aloft Technologies

Terra Drone Aloft InvestmentTerra Drone Aloft InvestmentTerra Drone’s Strategic Investment in Aloft Technologies Catalyzes U.S. Market Expansion and Global UTM Advancement

Terra Drone Corporation, a global leader in drone and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) technologies, has taken a significant step towards expanding its international footprint by investing in Aloft Technologies. This move not only marks Terra Drone’s entry into the U.S. market, the largest for drones and AAMs worldwide, but also establishes the company as the largest shareholder in Aloft, thereby enhancing its influence in the global Unmanned Aerial System Traffic Management (UTM) ecosystem.

Aloft Technologies, known for its pioneering work in UTM and as a key player in drone fleet and airspace management in the United States, has now become an affiliate company of Terra Drone. The integration brings on board Yuki Ueno, Terra Drone’s executive officer in charge of UTM business, to the Aloft board of directors, promising a seamless synergy in future UTM development.

This strategic investment underscores Terra Drone’s ambitious vision for the future of drones and AAMs, aiming to make them integral to everyday life through the effective implementation and operation of UTM systems. “We see a future where drones and AAMs become a part of our daily lives,” said Toru Tokushige, Founder and CEO of Terra Drone. He emphasized the critical role of UTM technology in achieving this vision.  “By investing in Aloft and becoming its largest shareholder, we intend to further evolve UTM on a global level. We also plan to expand aggressively in the U.S., considered to be the largest market for drones and AAMs.”

Jon Hegranes, Founder and CEO of Aloft, highlighted the significance of the partnership, stating, “The integration of UTM systems is pivotal for the expansion, scalability, and sustainability of global drone operations.” He pointed out the unique position their collaboration with Terra Drone creates in leading the UTM evolution, aiming to harmonize operational standards and technology on an international scale.

This collaboration is poised to bolster the UTM ecosystem globally, with Terra Drone leveraging its earlier acquisition of Unifly, a Belgium-based UTM provider, to further advance its offerings. The move comes at a time when the U.S. sees significantly higher numbers of registered drones and manned aircraft compared to Japan, indicating a vast market potential for drone and AAM technologies.

Aloft, founded in 2015, has already made substantial strides in the U.S., being the largest FAA-approved UAS Service Supplier and achieving over 1 million Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) requests. Its comprehensive cloud-based drone fleet management system is employed across various industries for mission-critical operations, underscoring its leading position in the field.

The partnership between Terra Drone and Aloft Technologies is set to drive forward the development and implementation of UTM systems globally, facilitating safer and more efficient drone operations across industries and borders. With Terra Drone’s extensive expertise and Aloft’s innovative solutions, this collaboration marks a significant milestone in realizing the full potential of drone and AAM technologies in the U.S. and beyond.

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