March 4, 2024


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New Low-Profile Helix Antenna for UAVs

Harxon low-profile helix GNSS antenna for UAVsHarxon low-profile helix GNSS antenna for UAVsHarxon has introduced a new low-profile helix antenna designed to be easily integrated into the airframes of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). With a height of just 21.9mm and a weight of 8 grams, the low-SWaP (size, weight and power) HX-CUX012A enables high-precision GNSS positioning.

The HX-CUX012A features advanced multi-point feeding technology that ensures  high phase center stability and centimeter-level accuracy. The antenna also provides a high peak gain of 3.3 dBi and excellent axial ratios, enabling superior multipath mitigation and a highly precise phase center. A robust pre-filtered LNA (low-noise amplifier) ensures excellent out-of-band interference rejection performance and mitigates the effects of possible unwanted electromagnetic interference.

The low-profile GNSS antenna provides highly reliable multi-constellation and multi-frequency tracking, with excellent results even at low satellite elevation.