March 4, 2024


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Safe Reliable Folding Drone Propellers

Folding Drone Propeller Designed by Mejzlik PropellersFolding Drone Propeller Designed by Mejzlik Propellers

Mejzlik Propellers has developed a safe and reliable folding propeller, based on analysis and testing of competing propellers on the market. The main advantage of the Mejzlik folding propeller is the exceptional safety of the hub, which is connected to the engine on both sides and is therefore better secured in the event of a problem.

The propeller blade supports are also more robust, and thus more resistant to falling off, the screws used have a high safety factor, and the minimum weight of the entire propeller was maintained.

With the goal of becoming the number one propeller manufacturer, all Mejzlik Propellers are delivered assembled and balanced, for vibration-free operation. Mejzlik can produce drone propellers in custom shapes and sizes to suit customer requirements, such as propellers designed for silent drone flight, higher thrust, and/or foldable and lightweight for extended flying time.